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Book covers for The Secrets They Keep



Image by Lacie Slezak


What if you fled to a quiet street from an abusive ex only to discover your problems are far from over?
Angela is determined to start a new life on Dafydd Drive with her children. But after witnessing the strange behaviours of neighbours, old fears soon surface. 
What is Gethin, the Investigative journalist, staying next door carrying into the garage in the dead of night? And why is a group of women in disguise stood outside her house- well past midnight?
With her ex closing in, Angela knows she will need to stay vigilant to protect her family and the new life she seeks. 
Is there anyone she can trust? Or is she on her own?

Image by Mike Erskine

Who is Claire Worsley? 

Graduating from a fashion and marketing degree, Claire worked as an assistant fashion buyer in London before returning to Wales to embark on an Art and Design PGCE. Within two years, Claire began working with SEN and loved the way her artistic background supported the sensory curriculum needed for this post. During this time, she produced several short stories for pupils, bringing them to life with story sacks. This led to her embarking on several writing courses and craft classes. Now, Claire brings her love of design to her work as a writer. Her short story, A Special Hero, will appear in Anansi’s Spring Anthology 2023.

The Secrets They Keep is Claire’s debut novel. She now lives in Monmouthshire, with her partner, sons and Cookie- the much loved and excitable boxer dog.

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